Cephalexin (Cephalexin)
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Product description: Cephalexin is in a group of drugs called cephalosporin antibiotics and is used to fight bacteria in the body.
Active Ingredient: Cephalexin
Cephalexin as known as: Midaflex, Sporidex, Ranceph, Ceflong, Cefalin, Aristocef, Cefex, Cephaxin, Facelit, Aescephaline, Cephalex, Cefabiotic, Lexincef, Cefacher, Oriphex, Cefarin, Ceflalix, Ultrasporine, Cefaral, Sporahexal, Cefatame, Madlexin, Lars, Forexine, Solulexin, Kefloridina forte, Kefavet, Cefadin, Unilexin, Safexin, Nafacil, Cefalexim, Chemosef, Cefovit, Cefax, Cephadar, Larixin, Keflaxina, Solvasol, Cefakem, Cilex, Ceporexin, Alsporin, Nu-cephalex, Syntolexin, Bidocef, Kefalex, Lucef, Sofaxin, Cefalexina, Kefvet, Kefa-mastin, Avloxin, Kefamast, Novo-lexin, Lexin, Pharmexin, Lexum, Cefacin-m, Farmalex, Therios, Medofalexin, Blucef, Cephorum, Maksipor, Ospexin, Cefal, Kefacin, Ceporin, Ceflexin, Céfalexine, Cefalexin, Colaxin, Rilexine, Nufex, Ibilex, Cefaleksin, Ialex, Keflin, Cefaleksyna, Cefamor, Investi, Acrocep, Cepa, Cefapoten, Cefaxon, Nixelaf-c, Italcefal, Cefrin, Keforal, Ceporex, Celexin, Panixine, Céfacet, Omaceph, Ubrolexin, Sencephalin, Cephabell, Sepexin, Servicef, Zulex, Celaxin, Cefacat, Cefasporina oriental, Uphalexin, Beliam, Alexcef, Torlasporin, Fabotop, Aurocef, Optocef, Falexim, Ohlexin, Cefosporen, Cephalen, Stricef, Syncl, Cefalexinum, C-fal, Rofex, Neorex, Ceprax, Cefaclen, Cefalexgobens, Cefavex, Lorbicefax, Cefalver, Alexin, Permvastat, Medicef, Felexin, Velexina, Triblix, Anxer, Rancef, Decacef, Supralex, Palitrex, Trexina, Acelex, Navalexin, Novalexin, Cefalex, Lafarin, Edicef, Cefaseptin, Tepaxin, Pyassan, Cefaxine, Civalex, Oracef, Ultrasporin, Cefarinol, Cefazid, Septilisin, Ceff, Oneflex, Cephalobene, Cephal, Sanaxin, Rombox, Kefexin, Paferxin, Cephalex-ct, Medolexin, Cephanmycin, Sofilex, Cephabos, Cefadog, Selex

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